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Established in 2001, Farrugia Law Advocates is a dynamic law firm located in Valletta, in the heart of Malta's capital city. We believe that our clients' success is an important measure of our firm's success. We combine a thorough, tactical understanding of the law, business processes, and our clients' business and personal goals to provide creative solutions to their quintessential legal needs.

Clients often tell us that the business perspective we apply to our legal advice is unique and that we act more as strategic partners in their business, rather than technicians providing legal options.

We assist our clients in Court in a vast range of litigation matters. We practice in a range of crucial fields from civil, commercial, corporate and intellectual property to family, inheritance, tax, employment, yachting, lease and acquisition of property, as well as residence and citizenship.

We specialise in day-to-day business related issues, from start-up onwards. We offer services to clients worldwide from our advantageous Mediterranean location in Valletta, Malta.

Our Services

Farrugia Law Advocates' areas of practice and expertise in Malta incorporate the following:

Civil Law

We can handle all your most mundane civil legal needs in Malta, whether the issue is personal or business related. Whilst aiming at resolving matters expeditiously and amicably, we will guide you through the most effective solutions including, if needs be, litigation before the Maltese Supreme Courts.

Intellectual Property

Very often people only appreciate the importance of intellectual property as an asset when it is too late. We provide clients with trademark, copyright and patent solutions and protection for their musical, artistic, literary and graphic works in Malta, Europe and beyond.

Yachting & Maritime

Our experience in the field allows us to advise clients on a vast range of areas including tax incentives such as Malta’s Finance Leasing Scheme (which may reduce the effective rate of VAT to as low as 5.4%) as well as acquiring yachts or vessels in Malta.

Business Planning

Projecting your commercial operation is a vital part of any business' success. We guide our clients on all matters from start up to running your business venture in Malta, as well as choosing your ideal juridical personality. We also act as legal advisors to GRTU, Malta's Chamber for Small & Medium Enterprises.

Commercial & Corporate

We take care of all matters related to your business operations in Malta including company formation, provision of registered offices, company secretary services and advice on commercial matters.


We guide our clients on the most suitable fiscal strategies that befit their set up in Malta and assist them through any disputes or issues they may have with the Maltese fiscal authorities.

Property, Construction and Planning

Whether a first time buyer in Malta or an investor embarking on a substantial development, we advise our clients on property matters from a simple lease agreement to complex acquisitions of immovable property, ascertaining root of title, promises of sale and other concerns related to deeds of sale or emphyteusis (cens). We also provide legal counsel before the various planning fora throughout the application stages for property development in Malta.

Residence and Citizenship

Malta is a very attractive jurisdiction not only for the sun and the sea but also for the financial, fiscal and geographical incentives it offers. We provide residency and citizenship solutions such as Malta's Individual Investor Programme (iip.gov.mt) and Malta's Global Residence Programme that grants an effective income tax rate of 15%.

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